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AMBRA provides modern channel sales and business development consulting, program development and management for growth stage and mature companies in the B2B SaaS/PaaS, Cloud Services and Telecommunications industries. 

B2B Channel Sales Programs:

+ Audits, Assessments & Recommendations

+ Competitive Benchmarking

+ Program Optimization, Improvement & Modernization

+ New Program Development+ Best Practices

+ Executive Team Consulting and Communications

+ Growth and Revenue Acceleration Strategies

+ Profit-minded Financial Modeling

+ Winning Channel Agreements 

+ Partner Compensation

+ Partner Management Tool Recommendations

+ Channel Conflict Solutions & Policy

+ Cooperative Selling Strategies (Direct & Indirect)

+ Product: Channel-readiness

+ Sales Tracking, Deal Registration

+ Channel Leadership

      + Outsourcing of the VP, Channel Sales role

+ Staffing and Training

+ Partner Introductions

+ Partnership Negotiations

Business Development:

Build Purposeful Business Development Efforts and Relevant Technology Alliances:

+ Planning

+ Prioritization

+ Strategy 

+ Execution

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